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WHO's Summary:

Video's of COVID-19 by WHO (World health organisation)

WHO says:

"The United States of America has been a longstanding and generous friend to WHO, and we hope it will continue to be so.
We regret the decision of the President of the United States to order a halt in funding to the World Health Organization.
With support from the people and government of the United States, WHO works to improve the health of many of the worlds poorest and most vulnerable people.
In due course, WHOs performance in tackling this pandemic will be reviewed by WHOs Member States and the independent bodies that are in place to ensure transparency and
accountability. This is part of the usual process put in place by our Member States.
No doubt, areas for improvement will be identified and there will be lessons for all of us to learn.
But for now, our focus, my focus, is stopping this virus and saving lives.
WHO is grateful to the many nations, organizations and individuals who have expressed their support and commitment to WHO in recent days, including their financial
We welcome this demonstration of global solidarity, because solidarity is the rule of the game to defeat COVID-19.
WHO is getting on with the job."
Key materials:
WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 15 April 2020
Major update to COVID-19 dashboard
14 April 2020
Supported by the WHO Technology for COVID-19 initiative, a pro-bono collaboration of technology companies, WHO released a substantial update to its COVID-19 information
Users can view:
A mobile-friendly version of the dashboard.
New and confirmed cases and deaths globally with daily statistics.
National info by clicking on any country on the interactive map.
Reported cases by WHO region including daily and cumulative statistics.
Confirmed cases and deaths, and changes over time in a specific country, region, or territory, on the interactive chart.
A new explorer tab designed to provide complex datasets for easy access and use, with variables selectable across three axes.
In future, the platform should be updated with new data sets from national and sub-national levels, as well as clinical trials and country-specific public health measures.

Deaths, case & countries:

3 272 202 Confirmed cases, 230 104 Confirmed deaths, 215 Countries/areas with cases