By Using The aha!™ Search Engine Or Any Pages Under The Domain, I Agree To:
  1. Not copy the aha™ logo. The aha™ logo being copied will result in a ban of aha™ use.
  2. Not clone the aha™ website. The aha™ code is privatly held and if any users break this policy, protection of code may be used.
  3. Not request a crawl for an inappropriate or scam webpage. If this page is found, it will be taken off of the index.
  4. Not hack the aha™ webpage. The code is not to be edited in any form. The aha™ domain ( is also not to be taken down on purpose. Either of these will result in aha ban of aha™ use.
  5. Not to take aha™ search results onto a seperate search engine (Steal Results) for the aha™ web crawler is strictly only for aha™.
  6. Not to request a purchase of the aha™ domain ( for ANY price or reason.

The aha™ Search engine is hosted by Hostinger and by using aha™, we ask you also follow their terms at or go to - Please note hostinger is NOT part of the aha™ brand.

Thank You For Respecting The aha™ Terms And Please Follow Them.